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Our firm is focused on our clients’ demands for an exceptional legal service model that provides value. We understand that, for clients, value is not a mere hourly rate comparison. Value means efficient processes for tracking and reporting; creative approaches to reducing legal risk; enhanced cost certainty; and results.
The Behrins Law Firm is a full service law firm offering a wide variety of legal services. The firm practices in all federal courts, and in New York, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C., and through affiliated relationships in jurisdictions across the United States and internationally.
Quality service has been the hallmark of this firm and its predecessor since being established in 1966 by its founder and one of its current principals, Bruce G. Behrins, who, since 1989 has been distinguished by being designated as one of "The Best Lawyers in America".
  • Our Legal Expertise

    Business & Commercial

    Business law is regulated by both state and federal law. The federal government primarily governs stocks and investments, workplace safety and employment laws, and environmental protections.
  • Our Legal Expertise

    Accident & Malpractice

    Our legal team can help clients recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, physical and emotional pain and suffering, and more.
  • Our Legal Expertise

    Will, Trust & Estate

    We engage in all aspects of trust and estate administration, including the drafting and probate of wills, valuation and collection of assets, and preparation of inventories.
  • Our Legal Expertise

    Matrimonial and Family Matters

    Whether it is negotiating a separation or prenuptial agreement or litigating custodial, support or complex valuation issues, our group uses its experience and professionalism to maximize the achievement of the goals of our clients.
  • Our Legal Expertise

    Federal & State Court Systems

    Our attorneys are licensed to practice in the States of New York and New Jersey as well as New York Federal Courts, including the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Our Legal Expertise

    Education Law

    Jonathan B. Behrins has been at the forefront of protecting the rights of New York City Department of Education Employees. He has extensive experience in defending against 3020a charges as well as post hearing litigation.

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