Past Performance

Members of our firm have tried over 1,200 jury and non-jury cases to conclusion, roughly 800 of them being matrimonial or divorce cases (three of which were – unusually – jury trials) involving custody, child support, alimony, pensions, real estate and the equitable distribution of professional licenses and practices and businesses. Another (roughly) 600 were settled before or during trial.

It is believed that one of our divorce trials resulted in the largest monetary verdict ever in new York State against a single asset, in that case, a medical license valued in millions of dollars. We have represented police officers, firefighters, sanitation workers, doctors, lawyers, judges, public officials, dentists, architects, veterinarians, and, most importantly, the general population, sometimes in matrimonial and other litigated matters, sometimes to purchase or sell real estate, to administer estates, adoptions, and the preparation of wills, living trusts, and living wills.

In the past few years our firm's jury and non-jury verdicts have included:

  • Bruce Behrins securing summary judgment in a fraud action brought against our clients for their alleged failure to disclose the existence of termite infestation in connection with the sale of a one family residence.
  • Jonathan Behrins negotiating a six figure settlement in litigation brought against a cable television provider for its wrongful termination from employment of our client, the station's general manager.
  • Susan Schneider securing a money judgment for over $93,000.00 in an action for tortious interference with a contractual relationship our client had with a third party.
  • Bruce Behrins "persuading" a public authority in a public interest lawsuit "Article 78" to provide a particular mass transportation service to the public.
  • Susan Schneider securing a complete reversal on appeal of a trial verdict rendered against our professional client in a divorce/equitable distribution action.
  • Jonathan Behrins securing a series of six-figure settlements in personal injury actions against New York City and institutional and private defendants in automobile accidents and slip/trip and fall cases.
  • Jonathan Behrins securing a jury verdict in a medical malpractice action in the sum of $2,795,000.00.
  • Susan Schneider securing a money judgment in the sum of $159,372.00 for a commercial tenant's breach of a lease agreement, plus an award of counsel fees for our landlord client in the sum of $20,657.00
  • Bruce Behrins securing a judgment serving to rescind a fraudulent deed and awarding compensatory and punitive damages in the sum of$4,843,622.00
  • Bruce Behrins securing a unanimous jury verdict in the Surrogate's Court setting aside a last will and testament on the grounds of undue influence, the first successful will contest in the venue in over 40 years.
  • Susan Schneider securing custody for a father in a contested divorce action settled after testimony by the forensic psychologist at the close of the plaintiff father's case.
  • Bruce Behrins securing dismissal from a jury of a multi-million dollar complaint in a breach of contract, wrongful eviction, and prima facie tort lawsuit brought by a commercial tenant against our landlord client.
  • Jonathan Behrins securing a liability verdict in a products liability jury trial against an international automobile manufacturer. After the verdict, the case was settled for $250,000.00
  • Jonathan Behrins securing a unanimous verdict in a "question of lights" automobile accident case, leading to a settlement as the damages part of the trial was about to begin.
  • Bruce Behrins securing a verdict in a Surrogate's Court trial sustaining the validity of a Mexican divorce judgment, and therefore the validity of the decedent's subsequent marriage to our widowed client. The case ultimately was settled for over $1,000,000.00paid to our client.
  • Bruce Behrins securing a liability verdict in a motorcycle negligence jury trial against a New York Sanitation truck driver. After the verdict the case was settled for $250,000.00
  • Jonathan Behrins securing an acquittal after several days of a jury trial in which our client was charged with the crime of D.U.I.
  • Jonathan Behrins securing an acquittal after several days of a jury trial in which our client was charged with criminal assault.
  • Susan Schneider securing an eviction of a commercial tenant and a money judgment against the tenant in the sum of $115,538.00
  • Jonathan Behrins securing the dismissal of a contract vendee's fraud action in a commercial litigation brought against our individual clients, the contract vendor.
  • Bruce Behrins securing the dismissal of several causes of action, including fraudulent misrepresentation and breach of an exclusive lease guaranty, in commercial litigation brought against our corporate client.
  • Bruce Behrins securing a jury verdict of $415,000.00in a commercial lawsuit for breach of fiduciary obligations by our professional client's co-shareholder.
  • Bruce Behrins negotiating a $400,000.00 "plaintiffs' settlement" for two physician clients in a breach of employment contract action, as the defendant's case was about to be presented to the jury.
  • Jonathan Behrins securing a settlement of$180,000.00 against a telemarketing giant.
  • Jonathan Behrins securing a verdict of custody for a father in a contested divorce action which included testimony from a forensic psychologist.
  • Bruce Behrins securing a settlement of an age discrimination claim involving a national bank's CEO for the sum of $689,000.00.
  • Jonathan Behrins securing a liability verdict resulting in a judgment in the amount of $900,000.00 in an automobile accident case.
  • Susan Schneider securing a decision on behalf of a commercial tenant preventing the landlord from recovering any money for our client's "use and occupancy" of the premises.
  • The firm's lawyers, collectively, securing millions of dollars for our clients in contested divorce actions, in verdicts awarding spousal maintenance, child support, and the equitable distribution of real and personal property, including professional licenses and advanced academic degrees, pensions and businesses.
  • The firm's lawyers managing to minimize negotiated settlements on behalf of our deceased client's estate in three separate federal court Civil Rights actions, to a total of $25,000.00 while our client's co-defendant paid over $355,000.00 to settle the cases.
  • The firm's litigators managing to negotiate settlements for our clients in three employment discrimination cases (age, pregnancy discrimination, and sexual harassment) for over $1,000,000.00.
There have been hundreds of other cases, divorce actions, automobile accidents, slip and fall cases, medical malpractice actions, commercial and business lawsuits, settled before or during trial, or even before a lawsuit was begun.
In addition to the civil and criminal "trials to verdict," and cases settled before verdict and/or the commencement of litigation, the firm continues to engage in real estate closings; the preparation of wills and trusts; living wills; estate administration; adoptions; commercial transactions; and in the prosecution and defense of appeals … all in all, a full service law firm.